Our Investment Beliefs


We believe: Risk and return are strongly linked

We will discuss the range of different risks involved with various investments and the relationship between the amount of risk taken and the investment gains and losses that are possible. Higher risks can generate higher expected returns, but is no guarantee of them. Risk is the premium investors pay for the expectation of a greater return.


The chart below shows the mean gain, maximum gain and potential loss possible with five hypothetical portfolios. Note that all increase as more risk is taken.

Our role as your adviser is to help you achieve good investment returns without taking more risk than you are comfortable with. We need to identify your risk profile so that when we have put your plan in place you will understand the potential gains and potential losses that you might expect. To do this we need to understand your goals and objectives but also your attitude to risk and your capacity for loss over relevant time periods.


Our role is to help explore and define your short, medium and long terms goals and then to build an appropriate portfolio / solution.


We use a specialist risk profiling tool to propose a suitable asset allocation to meet your needs based on long term historic information. We will discuss this with you to make sure that you are comfortable with the recommendations.


We believe: Tax and access are important.


Making investment tax efficient is a sensible objective and wherever we can we will try to reduce the tax your investments will pay. Use of pension wrappers and ISAs will assist in this objective.


We may use new technology platforms, known as wraps or fund supermarkets, to hold your investments. These offer safety, access to your valuations (so you can see how your investments are doing) and tax wrappers (pensions and ISAs for example). They also allow us to move your money between funds cost effectively if we need to in future.


Tailoring these beliefs to your needs


We use these beliefs to design our investment philosophy. This in turn leads to the process that we use to build your investment portfolio. While our beliefs remain constant across all of our clients each portfolio is based on your needs, risk capacity, time horizon etc.

Investments – Our Proposition


For all our clients, we know that the best way to achieve good returns while keeping risk under control is through diversification. We can achieve this by ensuring your money is invested across different types of investments, such as bonds, equities and property, across different countries and across different manager styles.  This approach spreads the risk, reduces the impact of short-term fluctuations and is a solid foundation for strong investment returns over the long term


Our investment proposition


Independent service

Our independent advice service, in conjunction with our network, In Partnership, uses an expert research company, Rayner Spencer Mills, to select  investment solutions, following extensive research and analysis of thousands of investments  from across the whole market. When appropriate our recommendations can include specialist investments to make use of tax allowances and incentives.

Regular Review Service

Our regular review service will help ensure you stay on track and you don’t miss out on opportunities  like tax reliefs that once lost are lost forever.


The value of units can fall as well as rise, and you may not get back all your original investment. Tax Planning advice is not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.