Our Approach

“Meeting your needs with client-focused services”

Our Approach

Chartered Financial Planners based in Glasgow.  We use our expertise, knowledge and experience to improve the financial security of our clients.

The aim of this document is to set out our investment strategy for advising clients.

Guiding Principles

  • Provide clarity to our clients by understanding their goals
  • Ensure clients understand the benefits of financial advice tailored to their individual needs
  • We share a common vision to deliver a high quality service
  • We want our clients to feel that they are receiving good value for the fees they pay us and that they are more financially secure for having taken our advice

It is our intention to ensure that our clients are guided through our investment process to ensure that we deliver a consistent service that is both fair to clients and meets our regulatory obligations. This document sets out our beliefs and approach to investments; how we assess risk, allocate assets and review our clients’ investment portfolios.

Establishing client objectives

The first step of any investment approach is to understand the customer’s needs. We explore this via a conversation with you and look into factors such as:

  • your need for capital security
  • your age
  • your family commitments
  • the need for income and / or growth and any future regular income needs
  • whether there is a specific item that needs funding
  • your investment time horizon
  • your exposure to interest rate risk and inflation risk
  • the impact of charges and penalty fees
  • your attitude to risk, risk tolerance and capacity for  loss

When delivering financial advice, we always start with a detailed understanding of your financial planning objectives.